Patricia Lane

Bolsover / Mixed media

Opening days

Saturday 27th May
Sunday 28th May
Monday 29th May
Tuesday 30th May
Wednesday 31st May
Thursday 1st June
Friday 2nd June
Saturday 3rd June
Sunday 4th June
There is a preview evening on Friday 26th May

I paint mainly in acrylics, adding all kinds of different materials to bring texture and drama to my work. I try to be experimental with techniques to bring an element of abstraction to my painting style which I love.

The inspiration for most of my work is the landscape of the UK, especially the Peak District, Andalucia in southern Spain and some of the lovely places I have been lucky enough to travel to, although my finished paintings are not necessarily exact representations of any single place at any one time. My work is far more about the essence of the landscapes I see. I do record its physical features but what’s really important are the memories evoked by a particular location; atmosphere, colours and textures, weather conditions, how I was feeling when I made the original sketch, who was with me etc.

Once I’ve made an initial draft I like to work in my studio, allowing my own personal interpretation of the landscape to flow on to the paper or canvas. Once the original rendering of a subject is done I like to fiddle around and refine it. Often the spontaneous glide of paint or the serendipitous effect of added textures enhances a feature of the landscape which I love to develop, and which brings individuality and vibrancy to my work.

El duende is a Spanish term for the spirit of evocation. It comes from inside as a physical/emotional response to art. It’s what gives you chills, what makes you feel as you respond to a performance or work of art. A more loose translation means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. This is what I seek to incorporate in my paintings.

Will undertake commissions

Contact Information

Phone number: 
01246 240217

Venue Information

St Mary's House
Castle Street,
S44 6PP
Follow the brown tourist signs for Bolsover Castle. St Mary's House is next to the School building which is at the side of the entrance to the Castle. You will see my sign at the end of the drive.
Disabled access is partial